Pumpkin hat

Pumpkin hat
Elli is so excited it is finally fall. Pumpkin hat $14

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My baby girl turns one this week

So sad...my baby is turning one on Friday. I know everyone always says it, but I realy cannot believe she will be one already. Trying so hard to embrace it, but I wish she would always be my little baby. Another milestone this week is my oldest baby went to Kindergarten for the first time yesterday. I made him ride the bus home just so he could get used to it as soon as possible and this picture shows him running to me when he got off. Awww...melt my heart.

Also thanks so much to Inner Hooker for posting my giveaway on her blog (Oxford Fam button to the right) last week. Here is the finished hat that was designed by the winner. Love chocolate brown with light pick, good choice!

Well, I musty get back to crafting. Only 5 days until Elli's party and so much to do. Toodle doo for now! :)

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